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Regional festival  - Poezika


The regional music festival Poezika is holding annually at the Cultural Center of Novi Sad. During the two days and nights, singer-songwriters and bands from the region are presenting themselves with words,verses,music and stage performance to the audience of Novi Sad. In addition to concerts at the festival are presented author's films, workshops, literary and audio-visual promotions of regional art and creativity.

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New music release!


The album Homesick is a very special and valuable collection of songs by the musical duo Nioba from Belgrade. This album unifies multi year musical opus and creative work of this band. 

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Wigwam Creative Centre is a team of highly successful professionals from different fields of art, culture, translation, publishing, marketing, and management. Our creative team, both among themselves and with partners successfully achieved long-term cooperation. The Center in its generous spirit of connections is open to new ideas, projects, proposals, suggestions, associates and partners. Whether you're already established or young and talented looking for a new challenge please write to us and be with us at one of our creative workshops, exhibitions, concerts or festivals.

Prkos Drumski - Alchemy

The album Alchemy by the band Prkos Drumski is a document of a three year long journey, close friendship and creative interaction in the most creative period of existence of this band.


Exhibition of photographs by Vladimir Zubac opened on 5th December 2013th in Novi Sad.

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