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Poezika - regional festival of original music

Project Poezika started walking through its unique path in the year 2003. when the poet Duško Trifunovic won the literary award “Instel”. Among other things, the award mandated the poet to choose another poet up to thirty years of age whose collection of poems will be published. Duško Trifunović selected the poetry of Miloš Zubac, a poet from Novi Sad and his book of poems “Poezika” was published the very same year by the publisher “Stilos”.

In the afterword to the book, the old poet wrote: This is the poetry that leaves a new trail on the old road. Best goes through those who are honest and who deeply believe the correctness of their election.
In that way Duško Trifunovic, honestly believing in his choice opened the door for project Poezika and gave guidance to all of us who believe in an authentic and honest artistic expression and young talents.
With this vision, project Poezika continues connecting young talents and already established artists from the region, through concerts, exhibitions, creative workshops and festivals.

The regional music festival Poezika is holding annually at the Cultural Center of Novi Sad. During the two days and nights, singer-songwriters and bands from the region are presenting themselves with words,verses,music and stage performance to the audience of Novi Sad. In addition to concerts at the festival are presented author's films, workshops, literary and audio-visual promotions of regional art and creativity.

The official website of the festival: